S'assy' Vs. Bad 'Assy'

Feelin' Sassy or just a little Bad 'Assy', we have you covered with our three fave signature cheek cuts.

At MISHA SWIM we are all about positive body image, we love curves, we love imperfections, we love all the unique things that make up YOU!

Our bikinis promote positive body image through three very sexy cuts, read on to find your perfect look.

The Naomi bottoms offer a fuller more held together bum cut, our sportiest cut meant for all day fun in the sun, this is our fave everyday bikini bottom.

The Hendrix one piece, has a "Cheeky" bum cut, flashing a super stylish 90's high rise vibe, perfect to pair with high-waisted jean shorts.

Lastly...the Charlie bottoms, our teeniest 'Skimpy' cut, for tanning and flaunting those super sexy bum cheeks and for a little added attention *wink wink*.

Whatever your vibe, don't be afraid to own your body, feel confident and sexy with every freckle, dimple and booty-licious curve you were graced with!